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Commercial Wire Art

Jeff Mwazha bunniesSkaap WinesWhile wire scupture is both my art and my passion, I am very involved in delivering wire art to the commercial market as well. This includes wire art for the tourist trade as well as wire art projects for local and international organisations. I have over the years taught many of my compatriots the art of crafting wire art pieces for sale; due to this I have access to a network of wire artists which allows me to deliver on larger projects requiring many pieces.

Commercial wire projects we have done include providing random wire rabbits which grace the tables at a few restaurants to creating a unique wire sheep for a well known wine farm.

My time is now split between overseeing and training aspiring wire artists in the craft doing commercial work, and spending time doing bespoke commissioned pieces in both Chicken Wire and Random Wire Art.

Jeff Mwazha Commercial Wire Art

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