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Chicken Wire Art

Jeff spent many years learning the art of creating lifelike sculptures using chicken wire. This medium allows the artist to exercise considerable flexibility using a durable medium that retains the shape well. It is however a very specialised sculpture art form and complex pieces can take a considerable length of time to complete. These sculptures are often enhanced by painting to provide a more real life impact.

A good example of Jeff's mastery of this form of sculpture is the more than life size sculpture "First step to Freedom" of Nelson Mandela which was commissioned for installation in the Atrium at Mandela Rhodes Place Hotel and Spa in central Cape Town. This building is also home to three unique wire-tree sculptures by Jeff, which were inspired by the mystical African Baobab tree which has been used historically for food, water and shelter and which has often been a meeting place for African tribes. 


Random Wire Art

Around 2008, Jeff was looking for a sculpting approach which would allow the flexibility of chicken wire sculpting, but using seperate random wire pieces. Over the next few years he has developed a technique he calls "Random Wire Sculpture", which allows the ability to create high quality sculptures more easily than using chickenwire, while having the ability to capture the essense of movement required to accurately portray African wildlife in an extremly lifelike manner. These unique artworks are very much in demand due to their very lifelike quality. In particular, his portrayal of the Cape Mountain leopard is unique.

Big FiveJeff has also taken this technique and has trained over 600 aspiring wire sculptors and crafters in adapting his technique to creating lifelike small animals for the tourist trade, to help many households put food on the table in these current trying economic times.


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